Python is a widely used general-purpose, high-level, interpreted, dynamic programming language. The Python training in Digitorious Technologies will cover both fundamental and advanced concepts of Python. Some of these concepts are writing python scripts, sequence and file operations in python, Machine Learning in Python and many other important aspects of Python. Experienced Professional or a Beginner, Anyone who needs to learn programming with Python can begin immediately.

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Module 1: Getting Started

Starting with introduction of Python language, you’ll get to know the gems, facts and features of Python programming language. In python training, we will provide you the first taste of Python programming language. You’ll learn the use and declaration of variable in Python. Also, all the data types used while programming are explained in-depth.

  • Introduction to Python with facts and Jobs trends
  • Variables and assignments.
  • Data types

    Module 2: Files, Loops and Functions in Python

    This section gives a deep explanation how to play with files and their contents. Python training will help you to learn about conditional and looping statements. Also, you will explore functions in Python.

  • Files and user input
  • Conditional Statements and Loops
  • Functions-defining them, calling them and use of return.

    Module 3: Classes and Exception handling in Python

    In this module, we will introduce the core concepts of object oriented programming. You will be learning how to create classes, methods and attributes. You will also get to learn how to perform inheritance, polymorphism and other object oriented programming concepts.

    We will teach how to handle exceptions, when they occur, as well as how they can be handled. More so, it covers what is exception, roles of exception and also explains the built-in exceptions provided by Python. At the end, you’ll be able to define your own exception which functions similar the predefined ones.

  • Classes –Inheritance, Polymorphism, Operator Overloading, and Importing modules
  • Exceptions- Roles of exception and built-In Exceptions
  • Use of try/except, try/finally, assert etc., statements
  • User-defined exceptions

    Module 4: Using database and Web Browser

    In python training, we will teach you how to store the objects permanently using the concepts of persistence options. You will explore the persistence options provided by Python like DBM keyed files, pickled objects, etc. You will get to know about how to work with SQL, SQLite3 with Python. Also, this module will introduce you with the basics of working with browser and creating HTML files in Python

  • Working with DBM keyed, Pickled Objects, Shelve Files.
  • Use of SQLite and SQL Relational Database.
  • Browsing the Web
  • Playing with HTML files.